Who? What? When? Where?
  • June 18th – June 21st
  • Check-in: 12PM – Monday, Jan 18th
  • Check-out: 12PM – Thursday, Jan 21st
  • Ages 11-16
  • IMG Academy, Manatee County, FL
Can goalies attend? Defensemen?
  • Yes. We will have coaching opportunities for all position types – including full-time staff and special guest coaches
How many coaches and staff members will you have at the event?
  • There will be a full-time coach:player ratio of no lower than 1:7
  • There will be 4-6 full-time additional staff members (beyond coaches) helping organize and run the event
What does my registrant need to bring?
  • Registrants will receive a substantial gear package upon arrival including:
    • Helmet, Gloves, Complete Stick, Cleats, Pinny
    • Shoes, Shirts, Shorts, socks, and other casual and athletic wear
  • Please bring clothing for 4 days (comfortable) and at least one full stick – especially if attendee wants to practice for multiple positions
Do I need to arrange for travel and accommodations?
  • Yes. The registration fee covers all player activities – including food, lodging, training, and other player expenses. Please arrange travel to and from IMG Academy.
Will parents be included in the event? To what extent?
  • While not a requirement, we will have opportunities for parents to observe and get involved with the event – including a first-night welcome event and “open” practice sessions.
What is the cancellation policy?
  • Rabil Overnight is an extremely high-touch event, which aims to create a unique and powerful experience for each of its participants. The Rabil Overnight team makes multiple investments for each attendee prior to his arrival. This includes well over $1K in custom gear – which requires significant lead-time. Due to this – we have adopted the following cancellation policy:

    • Cancellation within 30 days of original signup: 80% refund
    • Cancellation 120 – 45 days out from the event: 50% refund
    • Cancellation within 45 days of the event: 20% refund